The Kids

The Kids

Friday, April 19, 2013

Typical Friday Morning

It has been one of those mornings again.

Our van is with our guy who fixes things for the weekend.  Nick's dad hooked us up with a rental from where he works, but only Nick is allowed to drive it.  So, Nick gets to drive the roomy mini van around while I squeeze all the kids into the cadddy.

Left for school this morning in the typical fashion-Abby ready on time and playing "Heart and Soul" over and over again on the piano, Noah stopping to play with toys instead of getting his shoes on, and Caleb taking his sweet time getting ready.  Finally got everyone out the door, started to put Noah's carseat buckle on and realized he was soaking wet.  Apparently, in my rush to grab stuff at the last minute, I forgot to put the stopper in his sippy cup.  So, one pair of pants covered in apple juice and no time to change-oh well.  He'll survive.

We continued on and picked up our carpool friend.  Now, these kids all know not to touch the back windows.  For some reason, they will randomly slip down, but as long as we do not touch them, we can slide them back up again when we stop the car.

Sweet kindergartener carpool friend seemed to forget about this rule today.

I saw her window down a little bit and warned to not touch it because it cannot slip down further.  A little while later, I looked back and saw it half way down.  At this point, my voice was raised higher than she had ever heard it.  Even so, a couple of minutes later, I heard a "uh oh" and realized the window was ALL the way down.


Oh, should I mention that it is cold and rainy today?

After dropping off some stuff with Nick at school that he forgot and neither of us being able to fix it (should mention that when he saw the window he gave me a "what the?" look and I returned his gaze with a "don't get me started" look), I gave up and continued on to drop the kids off.  I tried to fix it in the parking lot of the elementary school and even a passing dad tried to help, but there was no getting that window up.

At this point, the rain was starting to pick up, as was the cold wind.  So, I pulled into a dealership down the road, praying they would have something to quickly pick up the window.

I did not appreciate the strange and unwelcoming looks that I received there.  I'm sorry-is the cold and tired mom with a freezing two-year old in the backseat inconvenient for you?  They did not even attempt to help, but thankfully put some plastic on it as a temporary fix.

The yellow plastic looks absolutely smashing on the caddy.

They also gave me the number of their glass guy, but after hearing the $85 estimate fee, I passed.  One broken car at a time, please.

Managed to make it home only to discover that Noah had taken off his shoes.  Normally, I do not care-just walk into the house without them.  But, as I mentioned, it was raining.  So, I carried him (and his lovey and blanket and second lovey) into the house, came back out for my purse, his shoes and my one grocery bag.  As I walked back to the house, I found Noah standing in the rain in his white socks.

Why, child?  Why?

Then he had the nerve to cry because I put him back into the house.  Because that is totally worth crying over, right?

Took off his socks and pants (because, remember, they were covered in apple juice) and replaced him with clean clothes.  A bowl of goldfish and Dora on the television and he is now done with the crying fit.

After all of this, I looked at the clock and it was only 9:30.

Can I go back to bed?

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Electronic Adventures

We left for church this morning in a hurry.  I threw Abby's soccer bag in the trunk, along with my tote full of stuff to keep at the soccer game, made sure we had everything for church, while Nick wrestled Noah into the car.

As we left our neighborhood, someone coming the opposite way honked their horn at us.  As Nick had not made any errors in driving, we figured it was for someone else and continued on our way.

Turns out, the guy was honking at us.

As Nick started down the main road and picked up speed, we suddenly saw something fly up at the front window and bounce off.  Within a second Nick yelled, "My ipad and my Bible!"

Apparently, he had set them both on the car, but had forgotten about them.  The Bible must have fallen off in our neighborhood because as we turned around to go find everything, we saw the same stranger who had honked at us, waving Nick's Bible out the window.

It must have been a fun sight for strangers who were driving by to see the two of us taking a side of the road to look for the lost ipad.  Oh, and while our three kids stared out the windows from the car, with the Les Miserable soundtrack blasting from the cd player.

We are just so cool.

I finally spotted the precious item across the street, the case wide open, inches from the road where cars were flying by.  Whatever case Nick purchased for that ipad must be the best ever.  Not a single scratch on the ipad.  Nothing.

The case has seen better days, but amazingly, it still holds the ipad just fine.  Even the keyboard was left untouched.

I must back up in this story to explain what happened 15 minutes before this event.  Nick had the ipad in the shower with him.

I know-seriously?

As he listened to his sports talk, I heard a crash and thought he passed out in the shower or something.  Nope-the ipad had fallen, thankfully on the bathroom floor and not in the shower itself.  Again, awesome case.

Now I will skip ahead to the afternoon.  We were at Abby's soccer game and as I went to use the porta potty (always fun, right?), I had my phone in my pant's pocket.

Oh yeah, I'm going there.

When I stood up, I heard the sound of something falling next to me.  I did not even look-I just closed my eyes and prayed, "Please, Lord, don't let my phone be in the toilet."  I mean, if it was, I could have easily reached it since the waste was almost up to the lid, but really?

Amazingly enough, it landed in the urinal.  Never in my life did I think I would be grateful to find my phone in a urinal.  A DRY urinal, that is.

So, here I sit on my laptop, safely away from toilets and roads.  Although, I do have a Noah attempting to tackle me with sticky fingers and I think I smell a dirty diaper.

I better close this laptop now.