The Kids

The Kids

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Two-Year Old Perspective

Our family has gold passes to King's Island.  For the non-Cincinnati folks, KI is an amusement park, which is conveniently 20 minutes from our house.  The beauty of these passes is being able to go over for a couple of hours, ride a few rides and head home for my-I mean Noah's-nap time.

While everyone was still in school, I took Noah for his first trip of the season.

He had a blast.

Sure, the rides were fun.  But, his favorite thing to do?  Splash in puddles.

As I called his name to get in line for the next ride, he kept running toward the signs and the puddles.  All he wanted was signs and puddles.  He was perfectly content to stand next to a sign and splash in a puddle.

It took me back to the day when we went to KI when Abby was a toddler (in our pre-gold pass days, where we felt we had to stay the entire day to make it worth our money).  While everyone was impatient, waiting in lines for rides as the rain fell, she loved it.

I could use that lesson quite often in my own life.  While I keep waiting for the next best thing, and being impatient with my current circumstances, I should just stop and enjoy what is around me.