The Kids

The Kids

Saturday, November 15, 2014

My 8 Year Old Caleb

So, this kid is now eight years old.  And this is how he spent his 8th birthday.  Because all eight-year old boys want to spend their birthday in a tux.  Walking down the aisle with a bunch of people staring at him. 

See why he looks so thrilled?

Perhaps this picture does not reflect a happy kid, but Caleb actually is pretty happy.  He laughs a lot, loves his friends and usually us, and has grown up a lot this past year.

I suppose having the "summer of Caleb" with time at the hospital and a surgery will do that to anyone.

What I am most proud of these days has been his attitude on the soccer field.  He played on a team full of interesting boys-some were older (like him) and knew what was going on, but most of them were younger and kind of clueless.  It's just how rec soccer works-you take boys between the age of "just turning six" and then Caleb's age, put them together and hope for the best.

Well, for a season of mostly losses, Caleb never cried or complained.  He was frustrated, but kept up a good attitude for his team.  I watched him "coach" some of the younger guys, reminding them where to go.  He did not yell when they made mistakes.  He just kept working hard and played better than I have ever seen him play. 

Some of the other parents saw this and gave him a special trophy for being such a good leader and player on the team.  Yes, I teared up when they gave him this. To see my boy who cried with every loss when he was four years old go to this little man who is a leader-well, I am tearing up again.

Caleb, I love you and am so proud of who you are growing up to be.  You are smart and talented, but most importantly, you are kind.  Not just to your friends, but to those who are not always the easiest to be kind to.