The Kids

The Kids

Monday, December 2, 2013

Molly Rosenfeldt

I am simply amazed at how much Molly is like my children.

(Yes, I realize that I have become one of those people who writes about her dog like the dog is a human.  I dare you to adopt a dog and not do the exact same thing.)

1)  Molly is like all of my children because she loves food.  Like seriously loves food.

When she sees me reach for her dish, she licks her lips, wags her tail and practically knocks me over trying to get a taste.

Just like my kids do.  Caleb literally licks his lips when he sees food that he likes.  I have seen actual drool come out of his mouth upon hearing we are having chicken alfredo for dinner.  I have witnessed Abby panting for her food and Noah almost tearing it out of my hands before it reaches the table.

No, I do not starve my children, no matter what they may lead you to believe.  They are savages, I tell you.

2)  Molly is like my children because she leaves messes behind, but is not concerned with who has to clean it up.

I love the dog-honestly.  But, black dog hair on my floor...and furniture...and clothes?  Not a fan.  If she came with a built in vacuum that followed her around, that would be simply marvelous.

Kind of like my kids-puzzles, games, toys, doll clothes, stuffed never ends.  Just put the stuff away when you are done with is NOT an impossible idea.

3)  Molly is not above eating off of the floor.

First of all-LOVE that she cleans up the floor after our dinner.  I will say it again-LOVE IT.  Gone are the days where I had to sweep under the table three times a day.  Spaghetti for dinner?  No worries-Miss Molly is on the job.  And she knows exactly where to sit-at Noah's feet.  She's a smart dog, that one.

You may wonder how this relates to my children.  Let's go back a few years ago...we were eating at a Chick-Fil-A and Caleb went under the table for something.  He came up and we caught him eating a piece of pizza.

In a CHICK-Fil-A.  Pizza.  Off the floor.  With no explanation for its origin.

I have no more words on that subject.

4)  Molly finds it her right to have what I have.

If I am anywhere near the kitchen, she is immediately right there with me, waiting for any kind of crumb to drop.  Flour from baking?  Sure.  A stray veggie that falls?  Delicious.

When my kids are around, it is impossible to eat without hearing "Can I have that?" from three different mouths.  I have learned to eat my lunch during Noah's nap time.  Problem is-Molly does not understand that it should be her nap time as well-she believes it is "sit by my beloved owner and help her eat her lunch" time.

5)  Molly loves unconditionally.

I do not know what kind of home she came from, but she has found her place here.  She loves and trusts us and fits right in.  Not only with our immediate family, but also the extended family.  She feels at home at Nick's parent's house and had a delightful time at my parent's house.
Molly with cousin Rocky

My kids may fight and argue, but underneath it all, they do love each other and trust each other.  I pray that always remains true.

Two months with us and it is hard to remember life before our Molly.