The Kids

The Kids

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Easter

Today Abby said to me, "I'm so happy that Jesus died for me." That's it. Nothing else leading up to that statement or any other words following it. I guess hearing the Easter story at school, in Sunday School and from our talks is somehow making a difference.

In the past couple of weeks, she has been more aware of what Jesus did for her than ever before. She keeps singing the song, "Hosanna" (think back to the song from your youth-"Ho-ho-ho-hosanna, He-he-he-he saved me, Ha-ha-hallelujah, I've got the joy of the Lord") and even noticed that the electric poles on the road look like crosses. Then she noticed a clover the other day and said, "Look, it's like the three things God is! The Father, Son and Holy Spirit!"

(Seriously, I am not teaching her this stuff all day long. I am very much in appreciation to her preschool and Sunday School class!)

I know she is noticing these things because of all the Easter talk this time of year. I am curious to see if it lasts after the holiday is over. Will it last for me? Sure, I am more aware of the tremendous amount of grace given to me while I think through Easter and what Christ did on the cross. It is easy to concentrate on this during the extra church services and beautiful music. But, will it last once I go back to my normal routine?

My children follow my example and attitude, whether I like it or not. I pray my passion for living my life in awe of what Christ has done for me is evident to them on a daily basis-not just during the Holy week.

May you all have a blessed Easter, celebrating the One who saved us before we even came into this world.

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