The Kids

The Kids

Sunday, February 7, 2010

My Mom Purse

Nick bought me a beautiful dress for Christmas. His reasoning? He wanted to give me something that would make me feel pretty since every time I get dressed up, I go through the same agonizing routine...

My favorite dresses are from college, meaning they are pre-baby and do not fit. More recent dresses are bridesmaid dresses and we all know what that means-"You can totally wear it again" is one of the most polite lies I have ever heard. Yet, we all say it and nod with agreement when we hear it. I still fit in my little black dress, with a few extra rolls around the middle that were not there years ago. Regardless, it is depressing to get dressed up and contantly feel huge.

So, my loving husband did a good thing and bought me a dress. Unfortunately, with the type of material is is made of, I decided to take it back and exchange it. He did a great job picking out the style and size, but the material is clingy in the middle (aren't they all?) and it would do the opposite of making me feel pretty.

I went back to Macy's with the instructions that I had to buy something to make me feel pretty, meaning I could not have a shopping spree in the kitchen or bedding area. I looked at some dresses, but really did not see anything that was worth my gift card. I decided to wait until some more spring stuff was available, but in the meantime, I found myself lost in the purse section.

Yes, ladies, it is a dangerous place to be.

I own many purses of different sizes and colors. They are fun and most of them are from college so they hold many wonderful memories. However, I have outgrown them. I did not want to admit it, because I like to cling to my younger self and these purses hold some of that personality. Yet, when I find myself taking three bags to church on a Sunday morning (my purse, a bag for my Bible & journal, and a bag for Caleb's juice and back-up pants) I knew it was time to admit defeat.

So, there I was, lost in Macy's purse section and low and behold-a sale! After searching the entire section (twice), I found a perfect, black Nine West purse. 40% on sale. It has all the goods-three main compartments, individual places for lip gloss and my phone, a zipper section for my pens that always seem to end up on the bottom of any other is just perfect.

I proudly take it everywhere now. I carry my mom purse (it is still called that as long as Caleb continues to need pull-ups) to church, the store, the gym, and on nights out. I have to admit, I love the reactions. On my first night out with my purse, I met girl friends for dinner. Apart from "Hey, how are you?" the first thing I heard was, "Is that a new purse? It's so cute!"

I love that we women all get it.

Nick is still trying to understand how this small item makes me feel pretty. Trust me, it does.

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Neal and Ellen said...

um can we please see a picture of this amazing purse? :) i'm dying to know what it looks like.