The Kids

The Kids

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Repeated Mistakes

It must be a rite of passage. In Caleb's case, it is one he felt he needed to go through twice.

One would think he would have learned his lesson after putting peas up his nose. I can still remember the phone call of panic from Nick, wondering what to do. Thankfully "sneezing" it out helped and all was well.

Last night, I began cleaning up from dinner while the kids were still finishing their meal. Suddenly, Caleb looked at me with panic in his eyes. And a piece of macaroni hanging out of his nose.

Thankfully the first piece fell right out. Then he warned me that there was another piece still jammed up in there. Terrific. I used the bulb syringe (or, as the kids refer to it, "the booger snatcher") to suck it back down. It finally came out, but he kept crying that there was yet another one in there.

After sucking and having him blow his nose and looking up his nose with a flashlight, I came to the conclusion that it was out. He finally agreed and so far, he is still breathing.

Again, when will he learn? Did he think it would be a different outcome this time? Once something produces the wrong outcome, do not do it again!

Okay, so my sinful heart repeats the same sins over and over again. But, they are not as stupid as putting food up my nose, right?

Please do not answer that.


Anonymous said...

That's funny! When David and Daniel were little, David wondered what would happen if you do that, so he talked his younger brother into it! lol ... David ran and got me and I was assessing the situation trying to figure out what happended and David said, "he might have a crayon up his nose" (lucky guess, huh?) A sneeze brought out the (green) crayon. lol ...ahhhh motherhood. ACarol

癢癢 said...
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Teresa said...

oh no! Hopefully 2 times is all it takes to learn things in your nose feel really bad!