The Kids

The Kids

Monday, March 8, 2010

Girl's Day

I took Abby with me today to get our hair cut at the salon. I was curious to how it would go, considering she is used to getting her hair cut at Cookie Cutters, which is full of fun chairs, personal dvd players and a slide for when one is waiting his or her turn.

Personally, I prefer my place. I relax while my girl, Lindsay, washes my hair, conditions it and wraps my head in a hot towel for a few minutes. Then I savor the moments where she cuts and styles it because I am not the one doing it.

Apparently, my daughter takes after me. She had a delightful time feeling like a princess. I could see her in the mirrors while she got her hair washed and she could not stop smiling. While she got her hair cut, she chattered up a storm with her stylist. The best was when the hair dryer complete with a disfuser came out-that just about made her day.

She loudly exclaimed in the midst of her treatment, "I always want to get my hair done here from now on!" Sure Abby. Get a job to pay for it first.

Thank you Nick for the gift card that was entirely for me. Sharing it on this mother/daughter day was totally worth it.

However, my next hair cut appointment will be without children. As lovely as today was, let's face it-there is a reason women leave their kids at home to enjoy their precious hour of bliss.

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