The Kids

The Kids

Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas Card Photos

Taking the Christmas card picture is always a treat.

Everyone knows those families who have the most adorable photo cards of their family. They might be all dressed the same, or in holiday colors. Perhaps it is just the kids or it might be the entire family. Either way, it is always the same-smiles all around.

I have decided that it is time for the truth to come out: Capturing the perfect Christmas card picture is accomplished by a combination of bribery, editing and just plain dumb luck.

Let us observe our history of Christmas cards, shall we?

I still hear comments on how precious this picture was.  I could lie and say that my kids are just natural models and this was the look that I was going for.  The truth is, Abby refused to smile and Caleb was too little to smile on command.  So, my friend who was taking the picture went for the natural look, then changed the coloring to make it appear to be nicer than it actually was.  Well done, dear friend.

Last year's was one of my favorites...

You know how this adorable look was accomplished?  Candy.

On our way home from church that day, since they were dressed nicely and their faces were free of food and scratches, I made a deal with them.  I told them that if they smiled nice for the picture when we got home, I would give them a piece of candy.  The result?  Sweet smiles and kindness to each other.

(I am pretty sure once I got the ideal shot, a fight broke out between them shortly thereafter.  You cannot expect them to be sweet to each other for that long.)

Now, since I am being so honest, let me introduce this year's picture...

Okay, so maybe I will not be sending this one out as our Christmas card.  I mean, I like being honest, but who really wants to put this on their fridge?  As much as this shot cries out "Happy Family," I had to go with a more pleasant moment.  For those on our Christmas card list, you can now appreciate the beautiful photo you will receive of my children, knowing the mood that they were really in.


Bev said...

This is REALLY funny! I especially love Noah's face! Now we know the story behind the new Christmas card- thanks!

JMCOOPER said...

That's terrific. I'd love that card! Just wait till you see ours....
Kids are definitely not known to cooperate for photos!

Tim Parenti said...

So precious! Good to know they're just normal kids the other 364 days (or rather, 525,598 minutes) of the year.

Christi said...

Love it!!!
Those are my grandchildren!!!