The Kids

The Kids

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Election Day

So, election day.  Fun times.

I am kicking myself for looking at facebook this morning.  Actually, I looked at it in the middle of the night.  I had gone to bed before finding out who had won and when I woke up for no reason what so ever, I figured I could either walk downstairs and turn on the television or simply roll over and check facebook on my phone.

After reading all of the terribly mean comments, it is a wonder that I even fell back asleep.

Regardless of anyone's political background, it just makes me sad to see how we all treat each other over our political views.  We are allowed to have different opinions, right?

Now, for my friends who simply said, "Yay!" or "Too bad," I have no problem with that.  But, for the friends who made comments all day about defriending anyone who disagrees with them...seriously?  What could you possibly be thinking?

I actually saw someone post, "If you even think of voting for Romney, just defriend yourself now."  Another person wrote how he was defriending people left and right because they voted for Obama. 

Fine, go ahead.  It is your freedom to be friends with whoever you want, especially in facebook land, where you really do not hear from most friends until it is your birthday.  But, I ask this:  For people who complain about the government and parties never getting along, what do we expect?  We as citizens are hating each other because we disagree politically-can we expect the actual officials to be any different?

My own personal facebook status yesterday was this:  ""Just voted.  No matter the outcome, I am grateful for a sovereign God and that my permanent home is with Him."

That is pretty much how I am feeling this morning.  I would be feeling this way no matter who won.  Whatever decisions this president and government make, no matter which direction our country goes, no matter what happens to my family's heathcare, no matter what taxes we face, no matter what the future holds for my children-I have peace because I know our ultimate future is all about Him.  This is our temporary home.

Our temporary home.

I think I will spend it remaining friends with those who I disagree with, since we still have an eternity to be around each other.

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Becca said...

I agree, Tammy. We have to stop blaming the media and the politicians and look in the mirror. Do we actually want to unite, see things from another perspective, work together and move forward for the common good?? If you read Facebook posts, I don't think so. And, as Christians, we have an obligation to speak with respect and compassion and kindness...politics can't be considered an exception.

It is disheartening to see/hear some of the nasty comments and it is hard for me to process how people I love could see the world so negatively or be so hateful...but I do agree that we shouldn't shut down the conversation just because we disagree.