The Kids

The Kids

Monday, November 12, 2012

Noah Update

Noah has been pretty busy, lately, so I figured that it was time for an update.

The kid talks.  A lot.  I know, shocking in this family, right?  I thought Abby was a talker because she was a girl.  Then I figured Caleb was a talker because he wanted to keep up with Abby.  Apparently, Noah is a talker because he feels the need to be heard in the midst of the chaos.

It probably helps that every time he says something brilliant (like stringing two or more words together) we applaud him.  Hey, I would perform more if everyone clapped for me all the time, too.  Applause for a great dinner, a clean house and laundry actually put away on time?  Bring it on!

No matter what word Noah says, he says the word "the" before it.  However, his "the" sounds like "zah" so bascially everything he says sounds French. 

"Zah ball," "Zah phone," "Zah book."

He is a cute little Frenchman.

Noah also likes to rattle off his ABC's.  And count to ten.  Both of these things always surprise me, consideirng I do not spend as much time teaching him things as I did with the older two.  Thank you, Super Why.  I owe you.

I must point out how much this kid mimics his big brother.  Everything, and I mean everything, that Caleb does-Noah does as well.  Caleb takes his shirt off to play football in the house, Noah runs up to me begging for me to take off his shirt.  Caleb makes any kind of gesture at the table during dinner, Noah repeats it.  Caleb runs around and throws himself on the floor, Noah is right there with him.

Sometimes it is a nice thingc like when I find them both curled up together reading books.  Other times, not  so much, like when I find them both jumping on the bed.

I love that even though he is quickly becoming his own little person and wanting to do things on his own, he is still content to curl up with me and snuggle.  Sometimes, when I find myself needing to get up and get a thousand other things done, I stop myself and realize how short this time is.

I love my little tornado and savor this precious time with him.

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