The Kids

The Kids

Friday, January 25, 2013

Another Noah Update

Noah has been a lot of fun, lately.  I kept meaning to write about him on here, but between Nick being out of town and my obvious lack of being in a good mood, I just did not get motivated.

And that really does not make sense, because I usually find writing therapeutic.  It is kind of like knowing I need to pray, but not feeling like it, even though I will feel better when I actually do it.

Anyway, this kid is a trip.

The other day, I was eating dinner with the kids (while their dad was asleep in China) and while the older two kids had finished their dinner, Mr. Noah was taking his sweet time and being picky.  As he saw his siblings get dessert, he started to whine for his share.  I told him, "Noah, look at their plates.  They are empty so they get dessert."

He thought for a second and then promptly pushed all of his food off of his plate and onto the table.  Then he just looked at me as if to say, "Well?  Where's my dessert?"

Nice try, buddy.

He has grown attached to many stuffed animals.  So much so that he keeps adding "must haves" to his collection of what stays in his crib with him.  Between his new friends and his ever growing body, he is almost begging for a big boy bed.

Now, I would love to accommodate his wishes.  Having the boys move to bunk beds would give them more room and make this disliker of clutter mom very happy.  However, this is Noah we are talking about.  Very busy Noah.  While the older two fought me for a very short time in staying in their bed, they very quickly learned what's what.  I have a feeling that it will not be so simple with this crazy boy of mine.

People who see me on a regular basis will now when I have made the switch.  I will look like I have not slept in days and my voice will be hoarse from yelling at him.  There is your official warning.  Please do not judge.

Noah has also been talking a lot.  A lot.  Can I stress a lot?  He comes up with new things to chatter about every day and gets more than frustrated when I cannot understand the latest words in his vocabulary.  He spent 15 minutes today saying "Sayso" over and over again until his face was read until I finally figured out that he wanted a pretzel. 

He repeats everything that his siblings say, including songs.  The other day, Caleb started singing part of Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance" (they heard it on the Chipmunks movie-I swear that I do not encourage Gaga in our car rides) and Noah finished the lyric for him.

Oh dear.

Noah continues to entertain and exhaust us daily and we cannot imagine life without him.

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