The Kids

The Kids

Saturday, February 2, 2013

What Did You Say?

Anyone who has toddlers knows this popular game...

It is called, "What did you say?"

The rules are:  The toddler says something, the parent tries to figure out what he or she is saying, the parent guesses, and the toddler either nods in agreement or screams with frustration.  The volume of the scream determines exactly how quickly the parent hurries to win the game.

We currently play this game a lot in our house.

The other day at breakfast, Noah kept asking for "nix."  I could not for the life of me figure out what "nix" was so I kind of ignored him while I packed the older two kid's backpacks for school.  After his screams of "nix" got louder, Abby guessed, "mix?" to which Noah nodded.  Okay, so that was no help.  What did he want me to mix?  After more screams and frustration, I finally guessed, "Kix?" to which he excitedly nodded and smiled.

The kid just wanted a second helping of Kix. 

This morning, while Caleb was playing Wii, Noah kept yelling "My nuts!  My nuts!"

Um, what?

I thought perhaps he was asking for the nunchucks (we humor him by letting him think he is playing with the nunchucks that are not on).  Caleb handed him one and he threw it down, yelling, "My nuts!  My nuts!"

Tell us how you really feel, Noah.

Finally, Caleb realized that Noah was asking for a stuffed monkey.  He gave it to him and made his little brother very happy.  Apparently, the name of the monkey is Coconut and that is what Noah was trying to say.  Not monkey, but Coconut.


What made it even more awesome was when he hugged and monkey and said, "My nuts!  My nuts!" with a big smile on his face.

You cannot make this stuff up.

Someday, Noah will be able to communicate with clear and precise words, but for now, the game continues.

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