The Kids

The Kids

Friday, September 27, 2013

The Kindness Of A Stranger

Not too long ago, I was at the store, buying groceries and wondering how on earth I was going to pay for them.

I had my calculator in hand, keeping track to the cent so that I did not go over my little budget (can you tell it was right before payday?).  I went to the check-out, the cashier swiped it all and then it was time to pay.

I opened my purse and realized that my wallet was not in there.

This coming from the girl who sells bags and wallets for a living.  Yes, the irony.

It dawned on me that I had taken just my wallet into the post office prior to my grocery shopping trip, meaning it was most likely sitting in my van, all by its lonesome.

I looked at the cashier, looked at the lady in line behind me, and looked at my three children and said, "You will not believe this, but I think my wallet is in the car.  Can I run and get it and you can cancel my order until I get back so the lady behind me can check out?"

The lady behind me, who had every right to roll her eyes, huff and puff and complain, did the exact opposite.

She smiled and said, "Oh, just put it on my order-I'll pay for it."

Um, what?

It is hard to say whose jaw dropped further-mine or the cashier's, but once I recovered, I argued that she could not do that.  After all, my total was over $60.  She just waved me off and insisted on paying.  By insisting, I mean she was already having her items scanned and pulling out her wallet.  She said, "It will be my nice deed for the day."

As I walked away, still shocked, I was overwhelmed by her act of kindness.  She had no idea how tight we were on money and what an amazing blessing that was.  And my kids were able to witness the kindness of a stranger, which is a lesson that has to be seen, not simply told.

Not only that, but it was a blessing from God.  I have lost track of the amount of times that He has provided in the most random ways, with it having nothing to do with our actions.  Money from an anonymous person in the mail, extra income, a gift card in the never ceases to amaze me when it happens.

I look forward to passing it on to the next person.

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