The Kids

The Kids

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Wants It All

Noah just wants to be a part of everything.

Yes, typical third kid.  Just trying to keep up and not miss anything.

Yesterday, as Caleb was lying on the couch, recovering from strep throat (that is a whole other post coming your way soon), I decided to give him another popsicle.  Before I pulled it out of the freezer, I said to my other children, "Okay guys, I'm giving Caleb something right now because he's sick, but you can both have one after dinner."

Immediately, Noah ran over to me and said, "I want one!  Me, too!"

I looked at him and said, "Do you even know what he is eating?"

Noah simply replied, "I really want one, too!"

So I answered him, "It's cow poop, Noah.  Do you really want cow poop?"

Noah, the brilliant child that he is, nodded his head.  Then he ran to the stairway and yelled upstairs, "Abby!  Cow poop!" with so much excitement that I thought he was going to fall over in anticipation.

As we all burst out laughing, he joined in, absolutely thrilled that all three of us were looking at him and only him for a small moment in time.

A little while later, Caleb randomly said to me, "I've never been on a plane, Mom, can you take me on one?

Noah chimed in, "Me, too!  I want one!"

I asked him what he wanted and he said, "A plane."

I gave him a popsicle as a compromise.

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