The Kids

The Kids

Thursday, September 25, 2008

31st Birthday

So I turned 31 yesterday. It is not one of those exciting birthdays, like the big 3-0. Now I'm just in my 30s. The next one to look forward to is 40, but really-does one really look forward to that age?

I spent the morning with Caleb at the park and library, while Abby was at school. It was a beautiful day and I really enjoyed our time together. While walking back to the car, I decided to stop at Starbucks and see if they give any kind of deal for birthdays. Turns out, it was worth asking about because I received a free drink! I of course ordered the largest one, a strawberry and cream frapachino, and shared it with Caleb (who thought that was the best thing ever). I thought that pretty much made my day.

I changed my mind within 20 minutes.

While driving home with the kids, Abby told me how they prayed at the flag pole. Being as I am not currently in youth ministry, I completely forgot See You At The Pole was yesterday. She was telling me all about it and when I asked her what she prayed for, she said, "You." I asked her why and she said, "Because I love you." Regardless of what she was after, I took her to be sincere and that officially made my day :)

(And eating dinner at Montgomery Inn for free with gift cards helped it to be a pretty special day as well!)

*Abby's teacher passed on a few pictures from yesterday and this is one of them-little Abby with her head bowed brought tears to my eyes. She's on the side facing the camera, on the end.


Bev said...

Happy Birthday to OUR baby girl, who just yesterday was that sweet little baby girl in the picture!

What a blessing it is for parents to see grandchildren and know the faith is passed on to them!

I think this picture will have to be my screensaver for awhile! Sorry Billy and Sean Austin!

meriah said...

Caleb is on the left with his back to you wearing a gray shirt. I too, had forgotten about the day (due to same reasons) but he told me all about it later, including that Abby got to pray. :)