The Kids

The Kids

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Yard Sale

I love yard sales. It does not matter if my garage is overflowing with things I need to get rid of-whenever I see those neon signs pointing to a yard sale, I put my turn signal on and follow the arrows. I pride myself on being able to just glance and not get out of the car if nothing catches my eye-I do not feel the need to buy each time. However, when I do spot something, I will most likely buy it. Then the game becomes about how I can justify the purchase to my husband. I usually begin with how much it was worth and what I got it for, to which he replies, "Sure, whatever."

So, it comes as no surprise that my daughter has already picked up the gift for spotting a yard sale. Sometimes she spots them before I do-"Look Mommy! A yard sale!" My response is either to drive right to it or reply, "No Abby, that's just a messy yard," depending on if I have cash or not.

While pulling into our neighborhood the other day, she spotted one and begged to stop. I got out first to scope it out before letting her decide that she had to get something. In the midst of a variety of items, there it was-the box of Barbie dolls, 25 cents each. It was a gold mine. I let her out, she quickly looked through them and found the mother lode-the one that looked like Cinderella that lit up. In the store, maybe $10-$20 bucks. At the yard sale, in almost perfect condition-25 cents.

I love yard sales.

All this being said, her reaction was what got me thinking a bit deeper than just a great bargain. She was so excited and immediately wanted to introduce her new prize to the others waiting at home. The new doll ate dinner with us, read a bedtime story with us, and slept in Abby's bed. By the end of the day, it dawned on me that Abby never really said, "thank you." However, it did not bother me. Her reaction was good enough. I knew she was thankful because of her response to the gift.

Does our Heavenly Father feel the same way? How many times do I just take a gift and never actually thank Him? When something amazing happens, I would like to think I immediately thank Him. But, what about the little things that He daily blesses me with? I do not remember saying "thank you" for the sunshine, but does being outside with my kids, laughing and playing together, count as appreciation? I may not thank Him for the rain, but when I am enjoying my flowers or eating vegetables that grew from the rain, does that count? And really, do I ever thank Him for the trials? Perhaps watching me grow closer to my husband with each trial we face is reward enough.

All these thoughts from a simple yard sale. I guess I should be thankful for those as well.


ambros said...

Ha ha I love the line "No Abby, that's just a messy yard." I notice when I go to flee markets, I never go there looking to buy anything but I always buy something. It just always happens.

As far as the thank you I'm not a parent, but I'd be happy if my child was obviously in love with the gift as your daughter obviously is. I'd "enforce the thank you's" (I know I should probably reword that better ha ha) when they seem to became complacent and ungrateful. That's just my opinion though, I don't know God's or the churches stand on that.

Anyway, I just have to say that your children look adorable and happy! God Bless and take care!

Lance said...

happy belated birthday sweet friend!

Lance said...

that last comment was from me, teresa, not lance!

Tammy said...

I figured Lance didn't call me "sweet friend!" Thanks Teresa!