The Kids

The Kids

Friday, January 29, 2010

The Third Arm

While driving home today (yes, it is yet another "in the car" story-they are the best), Caleb announced, "I would like to have three arms to carry all sorts of stuff."

To humor him, I asked where the third arm would go on his body. He thought about it, then figured out it would grow from his belly. Nice. When I asked how he would put on his shirt with an arm growing out of his stomach he was stumped. Thankfully, Abby had all the answers.

Abby: "The arm could be really loose and he could push it to the side while he put on his shirt."
Me: "What happens after he puts on his shirt? How can he use his third arm if the shirt is covering it?"
Abby: "Well, he could take the arm off, put on his shirt, then stick the arm back on!"
Me: "How can he stick the arm back on if his shirt is in the way?"
(At this point, Caleb was turning his head back and forth between his mom and sister, desperate to find out the answer. It was like a tennis match.)
Abby: "I know! He could cut a hole in his shirt for the arm to go through."

Who could argue with that reasoning?

They then went on to discuss all the wonderful benefits to having a third arm, some of which were not too bad. Hmm.

I was just thankful that they were teaming up with ideas instead of the usual fighting.


Bev said...

Really good idea Caleb! I could use a third arm when I'm grooming. They actually have a grooming device called the third arm. See, my grandkids are geniuses! :)

Christi said...

I agree!! A third arm would help alot when doing housework!! UGG!!
Abby and Caleb have great ideas!!