The Kids

The Kids

Monday, April 26, 2010

Comments About The New Baby

I just found a little piece of paper in which I had scribbled down a few things the kids have recently said. It was from back in the beginning of this pregnancy, in which they knew about the baby, but many of my readers did not. I did not want to forget some of the funny things they said regarding this new addition.

-When Abby was allowed to tell her teacher about the baby, I said to her, "Abby, don't you have something to tell Mrs. G?" She said, "Oh yeah. Caleb went to the bathroom." Given that my son consistently feels the urge to use the school bathroom every morning at drop-off, my response was, "Uh, yes, that was important to tell her, but is there anything else?" She finally remembered and burst out with the news of her new little brother or sister.

-Within the first couple weeks of finding out the news, both of the kids kept touching my belly to "pet" the baby. I had to remind them that the baby was not that big, yet-they were touching my flab that was leftover from carrying them. That was not fun to admit.

-The first names they came up with for the baby? Abby wanted, "Abby" and Caleb wanted "Caleb." My children are very creative.

-After sharing the news of the baby with my parents on Skype (which is when the children found out as well) Caleb kept saying, "I'm so excited!" Thinking it was because of the baby, I asked him why he was so excited and he said, "Because we're going to Grammy and Grandpa's house and then going to Kraynaks!" Well, at least something made him happy that day.

As I sit here watching my kids make a tent in the living room (why that is more fun than the princess pop-up tent that Abby owns is beyond me), I am sure the next few months will be full of many more hilarious comments regarding the baby on the way. The fun never ends.

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