The Kids

The Kids

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Selective Hearing

My kids have a special gift of selective hearing. It really is quite a talent. Here are a few of my favorite sentences that they conveniently do not hear...

"Clean your room."
"Pick up the toys in the living room."
"It's nap time-go upstairs now."
"Stop hitting each other."

Just when I think they are losing their hearing, they manage to pick up any conversation between Nick and I. Here are the most recent whispers we have shared that they heard from two rooms away...

"Maybe we could stop for ice cream after the soccer game."
"You should put on a television show for them."
"There is a chance we could go to the beach this summer."
"Do you want some popcorn later?"

Oh, and they always hear the opening of a bag of chips or any similar snack. It is very much like a dog or a cat running to the sound of a can opener. I bet I could create something that sounds like a bag opening to bribe them to do whatever I need them to do. I could make a fortune.

The other day, I actually had this exact conversation with Caleb:

Me: "Caleb, put your shoes on."
Caleb: silence.
Me: "Hey Caleb, it's time to put your shoes on."
Caleb: silence.
Me: "Caleb, did you hear me? Put your shoes on!"
Caleb: silence.
Me: "Ice cream, King's Island, cars, planes..."
Caleb (looking up within seconds): "Yes mom?"

Like I said-it is truly a gift.

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