The Kids

The Kids

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Mini-Van Mom

Our van has been making a dinging sound while in drive. If it is in drive, but at a complete stop, it dings like a door is open and the key is in the ignition. Once the van begins to move, however, the noise gets faster and more annoying.

It has been quite fun.

After leaving my van at the dealership for a day, they never heard the sound. The next morning as I left for Abby's school, it began dinging again. Funny.

Now my van has been in the shop for a week, while I have been driving around a brand new car off the lot. Well, it was brand new. After leaving it with me for a week, it has now gained over 200 more miles on it. Hey-it was their decision to lend it to me and take an entire week to fix a dinging noise. Can I help the drives to soccer games, practice, church, school, family stuff, etc.?

This has led me to a comparison in the great debate over van vs. car. I know people who refuse to ever drive a mini-van. Women for fear that they are now the typical "soccer mom" and men for fear that they just lost whatever sense of freedom they thought they had.

Trust me-Nick and I have both had these thoughts. I feel the loss when I remember my days of driving my cute, little two-door car. Nick feels it when he sees a Jeep Cherokee on the road, resembling his old friend.

So, after a week of going back to a car, here are my comparison results:

Pros of the Car
Good on gas
Drives smoothly (granted, it is brand new)
More fun to drive

Cons of the Car
More blindspots (especially with all the for sale signs on the back windows)
Not as much room
Can easily speed (hence the more fun to drive comment from above)
My children sit way too close to each other and fight the entire time (picture yesterday-Caleb had a balloon from getting his hair cut and the whole way home, all I saw was the balloon being used as a weapon between my darling children.)
Harder to get in and out of while pregnant
Cannot see too far in front of me (especially while behind a big truck who constantly hits the brakes)

Pros of the Van
Lots of room
Built in DVD player
The kids sit far enough away from each other to avoid any permanent, physical damage
Easier to get in and out of while pregnant
Not as many blindspots
Can see above the traffic
Receive some pity from other drivers if I make a driving error because they (correctly) assume that I am driving a vehicle of chaos

Cons of the Van
Not as good on gas
Look like a tired cliche of a mom behind the wheel of a bus

Well, it appears I am in favor of the van. My daily updates from the dealership have informed me that I should get it back today or tomorrow (even though they never once heard a dinging noise). I am looking forward to my mini-van of chaos with leg room and separation for my kids.

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sm said...

you made the right decision since you still need to 'get in there' for seatbelts - once the children are capable of handling that on their own, you may change your mind

proud to say we managed 3 kids, in a car, on a 3 day road trip to florida!