The Kids

The Kids

Thursday, September 16, 2010

A Long Day

Yesterday was a very, very long day.

It started with the night before, when Nick's key to his car broke off in his ignition. At night. After the kids were in bed. I am so thankful for great neighbors who sacrificed their time to sit in my house with my kids while I went to get him.

This led to taking everyone to school, picking everyone up (at three separate times, of course), still attending my 36 week doctor appointment (at a new office-that was loads of fun), meeting the locksmith at the car to get the broken piece out of the ignition, laughing at his quote of $99 for a new key, driving to another place for a $3 key replacement, taking Abby to soccer practice and managing to feed everyone somewhere in that chaos.

Oh, and the replacement key did not work at first so that was an extra bonus of grief. I thought my dear husband might seriously lose his mind. He was close. Very close.

At the end of the ridiculous day, I was reading Caleb a book (an hour past his bedtime) called, "Guess How Much I Love You." When we were done, I asked him how much he loved me and he answered, "I love you all the way over the oceans, across the seas, over South Africa, even over South America, and all the way to Jesus."

Again, God, you made your point. There is a reason to celebrate every day that You make.

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