The Kids

The Kids

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Second Arrival

While my pregnancy with Caleb was more eventful (afternoon into the evening sickness during the first trimester and back pain during the third trimester), his delivery was a lot more relaxed. Well, as relaxing as the miracle of birth can be.

Because Abby was a healthy 8 pounds 7 ounces on her due date, and because my dear son decided to plant himself right on a nerve causing tremendous back pain for three months, my doctor was understanding enough to induce me a week early. God bless that decision.

My mom came to town with plenty of time to spare. She stayed with Abby while we went to the hospital. I had a great meal the night before and a lovely shower that morning. Once the induction started, I was able to decide when I wanted an epidural. I dealt with the contractions for a short time (Nick claims that I ordered the drugs within the first contraction, but I know I went slightly longer than that) and felt great the entire time.

I was calmly visiting with my mother-in-law (on break from working across the street) when I suddenly felt a lot of pressure. She went back to work while the nurse rushed in, knowing it was time to push. Caleb arrived so quickly that I am pretty sure he came out before Christi made it back to her office.

It was amazing. A couple of pushes and there he was! Nick had a great view of Caleb's first glance at the world. Apparently, only his head was out between pushes and he just looked around, most likely thinking, "What the heck is going on?" He finished his entry into the world and as my doctor jokingly pretended to drop him (really funny to the mom who is laying there helpless), we all knew within seconds that inducing was a great idea. Mr. Caleb was 9 pounds 3 ounces, a week early.

I will admit, with such a smooth delivery, I did get a bit cocky. When I went to stand up to move to the wheelchair, I did so a bit too quickly and immediately fell to the floor. As soon as Nick knew I was okay, he laughed for a long time. The nurse was grateful for the laughter because it meant she just avoided a lawsuit.

Perhaps it was because Caleb was the second, but everything continued to go smoothly. He nursed well, slept well and was a pretty laid back baby. I even felt great pretty soon after labor, most likely because he came out so quickly.

Which is why it was quite frustrating to fall on the wet driveway during that first week while getting the mail. Have a baby-feel great. Get the mail-sprain my arm and get a huge gash on my foot that has left a scar to this day.

Ever try nursing a newborn and caring for two small children with one arm? Not easy.

I am so thankful for Caleb Paul. What a blessing this little man has been to our lives. I cannot imagine life without him.

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