The Kids

The Kids

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Caleb's Prayers

Caleb has been known to find every reason in the world to leave his room at bedtime. Sometimes he is dying of thirst and needs numerous drinks of water. Other times he is suddenly filled with a deep love for his sister and wants to give her "just one more hug and kiss." Or, he has a terrible stomachache that requires a Tums.

Last night, he came up with a whole new scheme.

He came out of his room and started the following conversation with his dad...
Caleb: "I'm praying a lot, Daddy. I'm praying to God and He gives me what I want."
Nick: "Caleb, you need to get back in your room before you get in trouble."
Caleb: "Daddy, I'm praying that you don't raise your voice."
Nick: "Okay. And I am praying that you go back into your room."

Caleb went back into his room for a whole thirty seconds before coming out again. This time, Nick spoke with a "raised voice."
Nick: "Get back into your room, Caleb!"
Caleb: "You can't raise your voice, Daddy, remember?"
Nick: "You better not talk that way, Caleb, or I will have to come up and spank you."

At this point, Caleb bowed his head and prayed out loud, "Please God, take away Daddy's arms so he can't spank me."

Imagine his surprise when God did not answer his prayers.

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aunt karen said...

that is way too cute!