The Kids

The Kids

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Proposal

There is a boy in Abby's class who simply finds her fascinating. Mr. Joshua continues to make comments about how they are boyfriend and girlfriend, to which Abby just laughs off. She thinks it is funny and claims they are "just friends."

Of course you are "just friends," sweet Abby. You are six years old.

The other day, Nick dropped Abby off at school a little early, which meant she went down to the gym with other students where they wait for the bell to ring to start their day. She ran ahead to join her friends and before Nick could catch up with her, Joshua announced to Abby, "I want to marry you!"

Later on, we asked her what her response was, to which she claimed she could not remember. However, Nick's point of view did not look good. She looked at him approaching and said, "Bye Daddy!"

Great. She is already listening to sweet words from boys and waving off her dad. And this is only kindergarten.

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