The Kids

The Kids

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Pumpkin Pie Recipes

Here is another treat from Caleb's preschool class. If anyone is looking for a pumpkin pie recipe, you are more than welcome to try these out. I do not think any of them would be edible, but it is worth a read...

PK 3's Recipes for Pumpkin Pie

-We put sprinkles in it, lots of sprinkles! We put in seeds, lots of seeds! We mix it with the dough. We mix it into pie. We cook it every day. It takes two times. Then we eat it!

-You put in pumpkin and mash it. You don't put anything else in. You cook it for ten minutes or nine minutes. And then you make the table pretty and put lots of food on the table and then we'll put the pie on the table. And then I'm done!

-Get a pumpkin, put some salt and sugar. And then stir it. You put it in the oven. Cook it for ten minutes and then eat it!

-I put apples and some pumpkins in it. I mix it up and then it's a pumpkin pie!

-I help my mommy to make pumpkin pie. I put in sauce and salt. I stir it and I mash it. I bake it in the oven. Then you look at it but don't eat it!

-I put sugar in and salt, not anything else. I stir it with a mix and stir it in a bowl. Then you cook it in the oven. It's done and we eat it!

-We put it in a bowl. We put in watermelon and oranges and blueberries and strawberries. We stir it five times. We cook it in the oven for five times. My dad puts little sprinkles on it. We eat it and it's good!

-First I celebrate my birthday. Then I put in pumpkin, then something yummy like yogurt. Then I try it!

-You just mash the pumpkin and then you put in sugar and some skittles candy. Then you stir it up. Then you put one cherry on top. Then you cook it for 45 minutes. Take it out and eat it!

-Put in banana. Lots of pumpkin, two or three pumpkins. And fish. Cook it and eat it for dinner!

-Put in carrots and pumpkin. That's it. I just stir it and then I put it in the oven and then I eat it!

-I mix up pumpkin and sugar in that bowl and I hold it. It cooks all by itself and then I eat it all!

-Get a fork and spoon and then I get a knife. I put beans in it and rice and corn and M&Ms. I stir it and put cookies in it and bake it in the baking area for eight minutes. I put lolly pops on it and eat it!

-I put in Reese cups then pumpkin. I put it in a bowl and stir it and put bacon on it and I cook it for five. That's all!

-I put in banana and an orange and a lemon and soup and stir it in a bowl and I cook it for ten. Take it out and eat it!

And, from my own personal Chef Caleb...

-I first start with ice cream. Next I think seeds and then maybe like jelly. Then grapes, oranges, apples and chicken. I put whipped cream in too and put it in the oven. I cook it for five minutes. Then I eat it and share it!


Anonymous said...

This is priceless. Caleb friends did have some good ideas. Caleb's was the best, especially putting in chicken, really a great one!! He must have been thinking about his Dad who loves chicken so much.

Tim Parenti said...

I'll be looking forward to Caleb's jelly, seed, chicken, and assorted fruit no-bake pie au glacée à la crème in stores soon!

(Also, my word verification was "cater". How appropriate)