The Kids

The Kids

Monday, March 4, 2013

Mom's Cannot Be Sick

Oh.  My.  Word.

Mothers should NOT be allowed to get sick.  Ever.

My flu test was negative (whatever-I think it was wrong), but whatever I had kept me down for days.

Do you know what a house looks like when mom is sick for days?

It is not pretty.

I kept wanting to write while I was sick, but I did not even have the energy to open my laptop and form a thought.  My days were a blur of sleeping and taking medicine.  At one point, I really felt like death was knocking on my door.

Thankfully, I have an amazing husband who took care of things over the weekend so that I could sleep.  It is a good thing that I slept a lot, because come Sunday night, I was at the ER all night with Noah.

Yes, still sick and spending hours at the ER with the two-year old.  It was fun.

Noah caught whatever I had, but his airway was too small to handle it, causing a croup attack.  Normally, croup hits the other kids (always in the middle of the night) and a quick trip out into the cold air or some time in the steamy bathroom does the trick.

Not with Noah.  No, he had to be special and just keep coughing and gagging and throwing up.  So, after watching the ridiculously late Oscars, and hearing him have another attack, I took him to the ER.  Nick would have gone, but I figured since I was coughing so much, I would not be getting a good night of sleep anyway so I might as well go.

Thankfully the breathing treatments and steroid shot did the trick and he was safe for awhile.  Still had to go to the doctor a couple of days later to get more breathing treatments and a steroid prescription to really heal him.

Anyway, over a week later and I am FINALLY feeling a little normal.  I am catching up on emails that I should have responded to forever ago, I am paying bills that were forgotten (hello second soccer payment for Abby-whoops), I am communicating with the outside world again-it feels good.

And now I have to tackle this house.  It has never needed a deep clean as much as it does right now.  Thankfully, I have Noah to help me.

Oh, wait...yep, he does the opposite.  Never mind.

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