The Kids

The Kids

Friday, March 29, 2013

The Bunk Beds

The boys are now in bunk beds.


No more jumping through an obstacle course to get past the crib and bed in one room to retrieve an item.  No more Noah jumping in his crib that has gone through three kids and was literally about to fall apart as he stood there.  No more complaining of not enough space.

The bunk beds are in and my two boys are very happy.

Along with the bunk beds came the task of making Noah stay in his bed.  With the older two, they were a bit challenging so considering Noah is a complete crazy child, I figured that I had my work cut out for me.

Before the first nap time in his big boy bed, I explained to him that he could not get out of his bed.  If he did, he would get a spanking.

(Note to those who do not know me well-spankings are given in our house for complete disobedience and, at this point in time, are usually for Noah and his well cushioned, diaper-covered butt.)

He knew the consequences, he knew what to do and he went to bed, promising to stay in it.

I positioned myself near the top of the stairs, where I could lean down and see under the door.  Within thirty seconds, I saw little feet walking around in the room.

I immediately opened the door and he was in trouble.  We repeated this a few times, until he finally stayed in his bed.  However, he took two hours to fall asleep and had eventually emptied the entire bookshelf.  Awesome.

After that long afternoon and his complete grumpiness, he finally agreed that my way was better and has stayed in bed and taken awesome naps ever since then.

Seriously, it only took one day?  Mr. Noah surprised me.

The downfall to this method of mine is that every time he talks about his new bed, he follows it up by saying, "I get out of bed and Mommy spanks my butt."

Yes, he says this in public.  He said it in the waiting room of the podiatrist while Abby had an appointment.  He said this in chapel at the elementary school.  He says it to everyone he meets.

Noah, I love you, but hush, child.

Getting ready for naptime

Promising to stay in

Finally asleep right when it was time to get up

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Val said...

Oh, how I love you and your children. You're living my life, too! :)

And yay for the phone landing in the dry urinal, even though that wasn't this post.

Hang in there!