The Kids

The Kids

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Ego

Remember the days when I posted something every few days instead of every few weeks?

Something tells me that the older my kids get, the more I will find myself running around for them instead of writing about how I am running around for them.

Abby started select soccer this week.  Yep, we gave in and said good-bye to any extra (does that exist?) money that we had and gave it to a club with a trainer.  Should be fun.

I am curious to how my little perfectionist daughter is going to do with it.  She has been used to being a leader on her team and feeling pretty good about herself.  Now that she will be competing with girls just like her, I am praying that she learns and does not let her ego get in the way.

I say this because I have seen it happening in her math class this year.  Abby is in an accelerated math class and has not been enjoying it.  I could say, "That's my girl," since I have never been a math genius, but she grew to love it in first grade.  Her reason for not liking it could be one of many-not liking the way it is taught, thinking it is too difficult, not wanting to miss out on what is going on her in regular class...but, after hearing her talk about it enough, I think it really does come down to ego.

The reason that I think it is ego?  She came home last week and talked about how great math was that day.  When I asked why, she went on and on about how well she did at something, how her teacher complimented her and how all of the students wanted to know how she did what she did.

Yep, ego.

So, soccer should be fun.  As much as I want my daughter to take off and soar in everything that she does, I still want her to not always be the best or the smartest.  I want her to realize that there is more to life than being the leader.  I want her to just enjoy what she is doing because she loves it, not because it is all about her.

This parenting thing can be quite tricky.

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