The Kids

The Kids

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Out of the Mouth of Toddlers

Just some humorous quotes from recent talks with a three year old...

The following is a conversation at dinner tonight...

Abby: I want a big brother since I already have a big sister.
Nick: You don't have a big sister, you are a big sister.
Abby: Right, that's what I meant.
Nick: Do you want another little brother or little sister?
Abby: Oh yes! I would love a baby sister!
Nick: Well, maybe God will give you another brother or sister someday. Do you remember where you and Caleb first came from?
Abby: Mommy's belly. And then I came out of her butt!
Nick: Well, you were in Mommy's belly.
Abby: But, there isn't a hole in Mommy's belly so I came out of her butt!

A quote by Abby in the bath with her brother...
"Look Mommy! Caleb's playing with his peanut!"
(Use your imagination to figure out what she was talking about)


Amanda said...

Hilarious!!! All of these kiddos make me laugh like nothing else.

Carolynn said...

I agree. That's hilarious! It's so great to see how toddler's minds work.