The Kids

The Kids

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

My Little German Children

With our ancestry names being Rosenfeldt, Loesch, Feist, and Herrmann, we are clearly a German family. So, while Nick's grandparents are visiting us at the beach, they took us out to eat at Horst Gasthaus, a German restaurant (obviously).

The food was great and it reminded me of any get together with my family. The smell of the food brought back memories and I could almost hear my family conversations running through my head.

While we ate dinner, we had live music. We were expecting Nick's dad to put on his ladenhosen and dance around for us (watch National Lampoon's European Vacation if you are not getting the reference), but sadly he decided against it for tonight. However, the musicians had the kids get involved. Abby went up front with a few other German children in the crowd, to clap her hands and get a prize. Then they spoke into the microphone their name and where they were from. Little Abby spoke clear as could be, "I'm Abby and I'm from Cincinnati."

The night got better when they called any children up again to sing "Itsy Bitsy Spider" and Abby quickly volunteered, pretty much because she wanted to win another prize. She stood at the microphone and sang the song with all her might, just to win a second, plastic toy.

Caleb had to get involved. First, he laughed and clapped from his highchair. Then he held a tambourine the band loaned him and found many ways to entertain himself with that. Finally, he walked up to the stage (while his mom and dad were trying in vain to eat a few bites of their dinner) and started looking for prizes.

All in all, it was a fun night for the kids and adults alike. Thank you Great Grandpa and Great Grandma for a memorable dinner.

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