The Kids

The Kids

Friday, July 11, 2008

A Quote by Lisa in 2001

Do you remember...

How about the sounds of the refrigerator doors slamming shut after stealing a piece of cake or the cooler shutting after sneaking apples?
The sounds of pebbles crunching under your feet as you walk on the path near the dining hall? The door of McLaren shutting and the thud of someone stepping in the living room?
The cabin doors slamming shut?
The hobart running and the ice spilling over into the salad bar?
How about the grass hopper cutting the grass or the sound of the tractor hauling branches?
The benches in the dining hall being knocked around and the squeek of the mop bucket?
The sounds of the thunder and the rain hitting the hot dirt road?
The fire crackling?
How about the sounds of the frogs croaking at the pond or the birds chirping?
The waves lapping on the shore?
The noise of the water from the shower hitting the concrete walls?
The sound of the camp truck speeding past on the dirt road as it squeaked at every bump?
The pianos playing?
The echo of kids playing in the field till it was just about dark out?
The noise of the fans coming from the kitchen?
Guitars playing?
Singing across the field?
Tennis balls bouncing off of the cement walls in the evening?
The sound of God's voice whispering through the breeze?
The squeaking of the chains from the swings in the playground?
How about the crunching of leaves under our feet walking between the cabins or the wind blowing through the trees?
I miss our home!
Do you have a happy thought?
I sure do.

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