The Kids

The Kids

Sunday, October 5, 2008

For My Two Year Old

Today Caleb turned two years old, which is just amazing to me. He suddenly went from a baby to a walking toddler with strong opinions (shocking, I know, given his parents' personalities). Because he has an older sibling, I often think of him as a baby. But, here he is, telling me stories, sharing jokes, and always trying to prove his point.

It is fascinating to me to watch him and see both of our characteristics represented in him. I am told he looks just like Nick (which I suppose is true-to me he is just Caleb). He certainly likes to follow certain patterns of his daddy, like sleeping in and enjoying his meals. He also has intense mood swings, sometimes that seem irrational to me, but really do stem from something deep inside him. I also see Nick in him when he shows compassion. He often comes up to me and asks, "What's wrong, Ba Ba?" if I show the slightest sad face.

I believe he follows my trait for loving company, but then loving alone time as well. In the midst of his birthday party yesterday, I found him upstairs, playing alone. This is not to say he was not enjoying his party, but just needed a few minutes of quiet. I was secretly wishing I could join him for awhile! He also resembles me that when he puts his mind to something, he sticks with it. I usually see this when he is playing with cars-it is quite an effort to tear him away to move on to something else. Neither one of us likes to rush all day-we prefer a day at home or the park to constantly running around.

My heart hurts to think of him being all grown up and leaving-there is something to that mother/son relationship. But, along with that dread, it also excites me to think what kind of man he will grow up to be. I pray for him daily that he follows the path God has for him and that he becomes a man after God's own heart.

Happy Birthday Caleb! I love you more than you will ever know.


Teresa said...

happy birthday to caleb and abby!

Crystal said...

Happy Birthday to the kids!

Caleb really does look just like Nick, and Abby is nearly identical to you:) They are two of the cutest kids I've ever seen:)

Hope all is well for you guys in Cincy!