The Kids

The Kids

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Polite Talking Back

I have to hand it to my son. At least when the little sinner talks back to me, he says it like this: "No thank you."

"Caleb, pick up your toys."
"No thank you."

"Caleb, come get your coat on."
"No thank you."

"Caleb, finish your dinner before walking away from the table."
"No thank you."

(And my personal favorite)
"Caleb, if you do not stop doing that, you will need to stand in the corner."
"No thank you."

It gets even better when he realizes he is not winning the battle. The "no thank you's" get louder and come out with more force. An occasional hand gesture with accompany the phrase.

Ah, how I love the terrible twos.


Anonymous said...

My favorite:

Me: Caleb, Let's play dress up with Abby. Why don't you put on this dress?

Caleb: No, thank you.

You are smart to not ask me to babysit very often. :) Jess

Tammy said...

It's nice to know what really goes on when we trust our kids with you :) That explains why he sometimes walks around the house in princess shoes!

Lexi Elizabeth said...

That's probably the cutest thing I've ever heard. How could you punish a boy when he answers like that? haha.