The Kids

The Kids

Monday, March 30, 2009

Battle Of The Will

It is official. Caleb is two-years old.

Yes, he has been this age since October, but lately we are finding him to be the "typical two-year old." He has been testing us, arguing with everyone, and showing his very strong stubborn streak.

Fun times.

Today, I asked him to pick up his lincoln logs off the floor and put them back in the box. He said, "I don't want to!" I then told him to help me pick them up and got him started. He dared to say again, "I don't want to!" Still (amazingly enough) keeping my temper, I showed him the instruction sheet and told him to pick it up and put it in the box. The child actually repeated the phrase, "I don't want to!"

Bye-bye Mommy's loving tone.

We actually spent the following twelve minutes battling over picking up one piece of paper and putting it in the box. After a couple of spankings (not that they really hurt when he is wearing a pull-up) and the phrase, "Put it in the box" wearing thin, I sent him to his room. He actually continued to cry and cry all the while he knew Abby was downstairs, eating lunch and watching their beloved "Olivia" show.

I went back upstairs with the box and paper in hand (if I took him downstairs, he would just stare at the tv, thus winning the battle) and placed it at the doorway. He knew he had to put the paper in the box in order to get out.

He still said "No" and cried.

After being locked in his room a second time, it got quiet so I thought he was ready to apologize. I was wrong. The little stinker was playing with toys in his closet.

Are you kidding me?

Finally, after another time of discipline and the chance to pick it up, he finally gave in. Then he received his hug from me and his lunch.

I had to keep from laughing when he looked at the tv and asked, "Where's Olivia?" Well, Caleb, you missed it. Crying over the ridiculous request of your terrible mother to pick up a piece of paper and put it in a box kept you from watching one of your favorite shows.

The question is, will this become a lesson for future battles or will he actually fight me on something so trivial again?

Sadly, I think I know the answer to this question and I am not looking forward to seeing it played out.

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Bev said...

Boy, do I remember those times! Billy was worse than you and now he's almost 21, so it does it better, although there were days when that was all we did! I do pray for you all!! :-)