The Kids

The Kids

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A Good Daddy

I knew when I married Nick he would be a good dad. I am not sure what made me think so-he had absolutely no experience with babies and obviously neither of us had any clue what we were doing when we first became parents (not that we do now, either). It was his caring spirit and sacrificial way of giving of his time that assured me I was marrying the right man.

This month has proven my first thoughts by leaps and bounds. Caleb has been sick off and on for the last few weeks and I believe it is Nick to have the bigger amount of patience with him. Every night that Caleb wakes up with coughing fits, Nick goes in and lays down with him, comforting him back to sleep. I never hear him complain about it-in fact, he just keeps expressing his worry for how his little guy is feeling.

Even last night, while Caleb threw up in my arms, instead of running the other way, Nick took him in his arms, not even worrying about the possibility of more outbursts on its way (which did happen two more times).

He did manage to grab a towel and cover himself with it first, but takes a real man to hold a kid who is vomiting.

I have married a man who works hard all day, teaching rich kids who treat him like their personal servant, then rushes off to coach whatever sport is in season, who then comes home and sacrifices his need for rest in order to spend time with his children. Whether they are happy or sad, laughing or crying, healthy or sick, pleasant or moody-he loves them unconditionally.

I know I do not tell him enough, but I am very proud of him and humbled by the fact that I am blessed to have him as my spouse.


Anonymous said...

Tammy and Nick, what wonderful parents you are. I can relate to some of those things, even though they have been many many years ago.
God Bless you all and hope to see you all soon. Love Grandma Dee

Teresa said...

Oh Tammy. Im so sorry that Caleb has been so sicky. I've yet to be thrown up on, though Im sure its coming. Hope and praying he's better soon. You do have a sweet husband who is a great daddy!