The Kids

The Kids

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Dr. Caleb

Since Caleb is doing really well with the potty training and has been using pull-ups, he has decided to drop his drawers whenever he wants and run naked.

(Not too bad at home, but we might have some issues if he starts doing this in public.)

So, yesterday I was running around trying to pack up a few things for a quick visit to my parent's house and was not really paying attention to my son. He suddenly walks into my room with only a shirt on, holding a toy stethescope. The problem was, he was not checking his heartbeat, but was listening to another part of the body.

He stood there, with the stethescope in his ears, holding the end on his you-know-what and said, "I'm listening to my _____, Mommy!"

It took every bit of restraint not to ask him what he heard.

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M & B Woods said...

That is just priceless! Did you get a picture? That would be great blackmail material later in life. I just laughed and laughed at this post.