The Kids

The Kids

Saturday, March 14, 2009

What A Week

*Note: The following post is through the eyes of Caleb, who has had quite a week.

This past week has been rough. Not just on me, but I seem to get the feeling that Mommy and Daddy are quite exhausted. I don't really understand why they are tired-I am the one who has been sick.

It started with a cough. I decided to start coughing like a seal right about the time when they were falling asleep (I tend to have a talent for timing these things just right). After scaring them a little bit with my gasping for breath, throwing up (in the toilet and on Mommy's shirt), and sweating it out in a steamy bathroom, I calmed down and started to fall asleep. I made sure to cry just enough that Daddy slept next to me for most of the night.

After a few more attacks like that, I managed to get my hacking down to a simple cough. It's too bad that my cough only got bad at night. I usually waited until Mommy's foot hit the top of the stairs and was heading to her bed when I woke up and started crying.

Like I said-I have a talent for timing.

Then came the runny nose, slight fever, and overall crankiness. Can I help it if I whine more when I'm sick? I guess I did start to sound like my sister when she doesn't get her own way, but is that my fault? I just couldn't figure out why Mommy always looked like she was losing her mind every time I complained. I think she needs to work on her patience.

I did try some new things this week. I tried really hard to poop on the potty. When Mommy was not looking, I pushed and pushed and then ran to tell her about it. I guess I ran too fast because for some reason, the poop followed me. I could not tell if Mommy was crying out of laughter or frustration while she cleaned up my mess, but at least she told me she was proud of me for trying. She even gave me a couple of M&Ms for effort.

I got better, though. The next day, I pooped on the potty and made sure it stayed in there before I stood up. I have never seen Mommy so happy-she gave me lots and lots of M&Ms that day! Maybe I should do that more often-I really like chocolate.

Perhaps it was all the M&Ms or maybe it was the medicine I was on, but for some reason, I started having some diaper issues. I kept hearing Mommy and Daddy talking about something called "diarrhea?" All I know is, the first time that happened, they did not seem too thrilled. I seem to recall Mommy rushing me to the bathroom before trying to change me, my diaper falling off, lots of stuff running all over the floor, Daddy climbing over me to grab toilet paper, Mommy cleaning me and the floor up and Daddy making some kind of gagging noise.

All I know for sure is after six times of this happening, I was very sore. I decided to make my point by crying all afternoon and refusing to sit. I felt bad because I really thought Mommy might have been losing it, but what's a kid to do?

Lately, I have been feeling a little better. My diaper issues are clearing up, my cough is not as bad and I have tried to be a nicer person. I still do manage to cough and cry a little at night-just enough to get Daddy to cuddle with me until I fall asleep. He makes me feel safe.

I am very tired after such a long week. It is hard being two-years old. I think Mommy and Daddy need to remember that-they have it much easier.

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