The Kids

The Kids

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Another Season Over

Yesterday was Nick's last coaching game of the school year. By this I mean the last game of all sports he coaches. It all starts with golf in the fall, then basketball in the winter and finally baseball in the spring. The extra income is very helpful, but the long hours are exhausting-for him and us.

The kids miss him so much when he is gone. I can always tell when the season is coming to a end because Abby and Caleb slowly start losing it. It starts when he leaves for school in the morning and both of them burst into tears because they just want him to stay home. Then it continues into the afternoon when they start whining about him not being home right after school. By the time we are eating dinner without him and getting ready for bed, they are quite fed up.

Which is why last night was a blessing. The final baseball game (which they won in the championship game) is finally done. Now he can actually focus on teaching and being home at a reasonable time.

I am so proud of how hard he works to provide for us. And I know the kids are proud as well. Before last night's game, they kept taking his hat to wear for themselves. They also cheered every time they saw him coaching at third base. It is not too often you hear the crowd cheering for the coach! "Go Daddy! Yay Daddy!"

We love you, Nick!

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