The Kids

The Kids

Thursday, May 7, 2009


I received my usual email this morning from a website that sends out humorous thoughts and stories. Today's quote was as followed:

"Diaper spelled backwards is repaid. Think about it."

Fitting that it was sent during the week leading up to Mother's Day. I think the quote is even more funny for our parents. They have to think the repaid is accurate as they watch their little babies grow up and have to deal with not only dirty diapers, but terrible twos/threes, potty training, discipline, constant messes-I could keep going, but it is too early in the morning to depress myself any longer.

Thank you Mom and Daddy and Christi and Jeff-this post if for you. We are definitely getting paid back for any grief we gave you years ago.


Bev said...

I didn't realize that about "diaper"! Thanks for the thought, but we really did enjoy every minute ( almost) of raising our kids. Of course we didn't have you two close together and I see you two face challenges we never did. But I loved being a Mommy, think it was the most important thing I ever did and I hope I didn't screw you guys up too much!

Tammy said...

Just had a friend point out to me that stressed spelled backwards is desserts-that's why so many of us moms never lose all the baby weight :)