The Kids

The Kids

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Their Perspective

While eating our Saturday eggs/toast/pancakes meal together, Caleb randomly said, "Mommy, I used to live in your tummy."

I stopped eating and said, "Oh, did you?" to which he replied, "Yeah!"

At this point, Abby decided to join in and talked about how she lived in there, too. When asked if they remembered living in there, they both said yes. Then Caleb added that he remembered my belly button and it was huge!


Then Nick proceeded to tell them that when they came out, they just flopped right out. Apparently, that was hysterical to them. They started making flopping sounds while laughing at the whole idea.

How nice for them to remember such funny details. I personally remember contractions, sore recoveries, lack of sleep and a whole number of things that I will not go into in this public forum, but every mother can relate to. It was all worth it so that my kids could sit around the table and talk about my big belly button and the flopping sound of birth.

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