The Kids

The Kids

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Funny Quotes

Here are some of the latest quotes to keep us laughing...

-Abby: "Can someone have a baby and not be married first?"
Me: "Umm...yes, but it is better to be married. God made it to be a good thing to get married and then have babies, that way there is a mom and dad for every child."
Abby: "Then what about Mary? She was pregnant before getting married."
(This is what I get for letting her read the Bible on her own.)
Abby: "I think it is better to be married because when you want to go to the store, you don't want to take all the kids with you. That way the dad can help and watch the kids, and he can help with things around the house."
Me: "Very good points, Abby."

-Caleb has a little blanket with a bear's head on the top that makes a little rattling sound whom he calls "lovey." One of his favorite stalling techniques for not napping is to come out of his room and say, "Lovey is keeping me awake." Hilarious. The following is a conversation he had about lovey.

Caleb: "Lovey is a little bit real."
Me: "Just a little bit, huh?"
Caleb: "Yeah, just a little bit. That's how he keeps me awake."
Me: "Well, who makes lovey make the noise?"
Caleb: "I do-I mean, God does!"
Seriously? He is already blaming God for his own doings? Wow, they learn young.

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Anonymous said...

I hope you have answered all Abby's questions before they get here in July! And maybe Caleb's name should have been "Adam"!