The Kids

The Kids

Monday, June 21, 2010

Why Women Should Not Be Pregnant In The Summer

As I start my third summer of being pregnant, I am reminded of the reasons why it is ridiculous to be pregnant in the summer. I know God is compassionate, but I do not see much of it in the blazing sun while carrying my own personal oven in my body.

My reasons for why one should not be allowed to be pregnant in such weather...

-The obvious bathing suit dilemma. I am sure it is fine for those cute, little pregnant women who can still wear bikinis and only get fat in the belly. However, for those of us who lovingly gain weight in other body parts and are blessed with stretched marks, we are left wearing an unattractive one piece with a complimentary skirt flap (hello old lady suit) that leaves us feeling like a beached whale.

-The extra heat added to our bodies. Not only do we sweat with the every day heat and humidity, but we have the added bonus of carrying our own little "bun in the oven" with us at all times. Seriously-was outside this morning for 20 minutes and came back in drenched and ready for a second shower.

-Water retention. We pregnant ladies must drink lots of water so as not to get dehydrated. Yet, with all the added water comes the ever popular bloated look.

-Vacations. Going on a family vacation is quite fun, until having to travel while pregnant. The added bathroom breaks, the need to stretch, restless leg syndrome, sleeping in another bed without all the proper pillow props, the limits of things to do while actually on the vacation-fun times.

-Not appreciating the warm weather. As we take refuge in our air-conditioned homes we miss the outdoor activities. Once the baby arrives and we want to get outside, we are faced with cold, snowy weather and feel like prisoners in the place we once considered a sanctuary.

-The feeling of laziness. Extreme tiredness comes with every pregnancy, but add on the heat and you might as well count on us falling asleep at every possible moment.

-The many cook-outs available to us. How are we expected to watch our weight gain when constantly surrounded by a buffet of tasty treats?

Oh, the joys of pregnancy. Thankfully there is a delightful blessing at the end of the journey.

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