The Kids

The Kids

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Ode To My Chair

We own the most comfortable recliner in the world.

It was our first furniture purchase. I should specify, our first "real" furniture purchase. It was not free or bought cheap from a friend like all items before, but was picked out from a store and placed lovingly in our apartment. Did we buy a couch to replace our ugly hand-me-down? Nope. We bought the recliner. And why? Because I was pregnant with Abby and that is what I wanted.

I think it is a magic chair. With every pregnancy, all I need to do is sit back in it for a few minutes and, without fail, the baby starts moving. All this business about lying on one's left side after meals to feel movement is fine and all, but I just prop up the leg rest and let the chair do its work.

I fondly remember falling asleep in it during my first trimester with Abby. My apologies to our friends, Mike and Becky, who would be over for our Thursday night Friends watching and would suddenly find me asleep by 8:30 p.m. Blame the chair.

With this pregnancy, I tried to get as much chair time as I could, but unfortunately it has been sitting up in our loft for the past year and often gets ignored. I tried to give it attention, but I suppose it would have been rude to sit in a different room from my husband every evening just for my own comfort. Besides, the television is downstairs. Watching LOST or sitting in my magic chair? Hmm.

Well, my loving husband finally took the hint (or nagging, call it what you want) and moved my loving recliner downstairs for me. Not only that, but he also moved the big chair and ottoman upstairs-by himself. There was the occassional cursing under his breath, grunts of frustration, and dirty looks when I suggested going over and asking a neighbor for help, but he actually managed to accomplish this task in a positive mood.

Now, here I sit, in the living room with my beloved piece of furniture. The baby is happily kicking me, while the kids are dancing around saying, "Look at all of the room!" (They love the slightest bit of change in furniture moving.) I may get motivated to get up and get dressed and perhaps dress the children, but for now, I will enjoy this bliss.

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