The Kids

The Kids

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Time With Caleb

Everyone has been asking me how Abby and Caleb are adjusting to life with Noah. For the most part, not too much has changed. Abby is old enough to understand what is going on and has not shown any jealousy. Caleb has done well, too, but at times I see him get angry over the simplest thing and it seems he is looking for extra attention.

He has become the middle child.

It is rough because our times of being home together in the afternoon while Abby is at school has now changed. Half of the time I am nursing Noah and when I am not, I am still holding or changing him. This will get easier as Noah grows, but for now, I know it is hard for Caleb to quite understand how one little baby can take up so much of his mommy's time.

The other day, I left a well-fed Noah at home with Nick and Abby and took Caleb to the store. He needed new underwear so we made a special trip so he could pick out his favorite pairs. On the way home, he said, "Mommy, I love you. You are my best friend."

My heart melted.

This son of mine is not asking for special attention. He is just missing the normal attention that he usually gets. I did not need to take him somewhere exciting or fun. Just a trip to the store to buy underwear.

After all, who doesn't get excited about new underwear?

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