The Kids

The Kids

Sunday, October 24, 2010


Caleb's preschool class took some time last week to guess what was inside a pumpkin. His teacher passed on their predictions, which I found pretty funny. Enjoy...

-Little people...friends!
-Bells...quiet bells
-An apple
-A star
-An apple is stuck in there
-A princess and butterfly
-I don't know?
-Maybe a star
-Goo and maybe another pumpkin (that would be Caleb's guess)
-Maybe a ball
-Maybe seeds
-I think it's a princess and her name is Sophia (said a girl named Sophia)
-A star
-I think a brownie
-A star

What fun three and four-year olds. I can imagine a few of them were disappointed when their predictions did not come true. Finding a star or princess inside would be much more exciting than seeds and goo.

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