The Kids

The Kids

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Grow Up

Abby had her first dance class this week.  It was pretty cute to watch-little girls in their dance outfits, living out their dream.  Abby learned a little ballet and then went to tumbling, both of which she loved.

While I was there, Noah kept with his usual impeccable timing and filled his diaper.  I was changing him in the tiny bathroom when another mom and her two kids came in.  Now, I am not one to judge other moms, because once one becomes a mom, she understands the frustrations that come with trying to maintain control in public.  However, this particular mom must have been having quite a day.

She was in the stall, attempting to help her little girl into her dance costume.  Picture pulling up tights on a little kid in a tiny stall, then add on her even younger boy trying to sneak out of the bathroom and you can feel the frustrations of this woman.  What I found sad, though, is what she said to her little girl...

"Would you please just grow up?  You are five years old so stop acting like a baby!"

Would you please grow are five years old.  Hmm. 

As I watched Abby in her class, I felt the opposite.  She suddenly looked so old to me (probably because she is the tallest girl in the class) and I suddenly felt the need to stop time to keep her from growing up.  She is no longer a baby or a toddler, but a little girl.  Before I know it, she will be a teenager, then off to college.  Seriously, time flies by way too fast. 

As much as I want her to "grow up" and "stop acting like a baby, " I also want her to stay young and innocent.  Perhaps I should be happy when she cries over little things or fights with her brother because it shows she is still six-years old.

Okay, so maybe not be happy, but appreciate it a little bit more.

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