The Kids

The Kids

Friday, January 7, 2011

Nine Years

Nick and I celebrated our ninth anniversary this past week.  Nine years.  Unbelievable.

And how did we celebrate?  It was a day of taking the kids to school and picking them up, making dinner, doing laundry, still unpacking from our PA trip the week before, taking down Christmas decorations, putting the kids to bed, and passing out in front of the television before the kids were probably asleep.

Talk about romantic.

At one point I thought there was hope for a slight bit of romance when he was late getting home from picking up Caleb from school.  I figured the reason might involve stopping somewhere for flowers.  Nope.  He had stopped somewhere, but it was to buy potato chips.  When I mentioned my thoughts, he asked if he should go out and get some flowers.  Hmm.  Not quite the same when I have to ask for them, dear husband.  In his defense, he added, "I did just buy you a new washer and dryer this week."

Yep, nine years.

Seriously, though, I am not one who needs a bunch of romantic gestures to know I am loved and to feel the value of such a day.  I am blessed beyond anything I can imagine because I got to marry my best friend.  Nine years and we still have not run out of things to talk about or have yet to stop learning new things about each other.  In some ways, the time has flown by and in other ways, I cannot remember life before knowing him.

We do have nice dinner reservations for this weekend (thank you Carl Lindner and your Christmas gift certificates-you always make our anniversary dinner delicious) so that is something to look forward to.  We will dress nice for an evening downtown, pretending we belong with the wealthy folks who eat at the fancy restaurant regularly, and enjoy an evening without kids.

Honestly, we could be eating at McDonald's and it would still be a celebration.  Thank you for marrying me, Nicholas Paul.  I cannot imagine life without you.