The Kids

The Kids

Monday, January 10, 2011

Another Night In Our House

Today, Abby randomly said, "I love Santa."

Great.  Thanks for sharing.

She continued on with "Well, I love God, too."  She said it in such a way as to cover her tracks.  It was pretty funny.

Caleb chimed in with, "I love God, too.   And I love Jesus."  He continued, "I love all of the nice people in the world, even the ones who I don't know."  Then he looked right at me and asked, "Isn't that nice of me?"

As I wiped away my tears of laughter, Abby asked me, "Are you going to put that on facebook?"

As I wiped away even more tears, I asked her what facebook was.  She said, "You know, when you go and write down the things we say on the computer!"

Oh, Miss Abby, you know me too well.

Tonight was also fun when they kept fighting as I was making dinner.  I yelled out to them, "Why have I not heard anything nice come out of your mouths since you got home?"  Silence, then Caleb said loudly, "I love you, Mommy!"

It would have been sweet if it was not followed by another punch to his sister and her yells of pain.


Tim Parenti said...

Aw... they're on to you! :)

Anonymous said...

I too have been there and I wish I could say that they outgrow that. My three kids are 18,14, and 8. Needless to say they still do that. I will be making dinner with my 8 year old at home and then my husband will bring home the other two and it becomes constand chaos the moment they enter. With statements of "shut up" or "you want me to hit you?" Then not even five minutes later they are hanging out talking and doing something together with a couple more remarks to start it up again. The thing I seemed to realize with this is that it's their way of showing their love at the same time that they are showing their independence. I'm still trying to find a way to show them that it is ok to show affection and attention without having to prove something. LOL hang in there. It's all do to love.