The Kids

The Kids

Saturday, January 29, 2011


Caleb received a Fisher Price IXL game system for Christmas.  It is perfect for his age-full of games, coloring, music, photos, etc.  He already has boundaries for how long he can play on it at a time-otherwise, he would keep his head buried in it and never join a real conversation.

The game system is perfect for Abby's dance practice time.  If Nick is around, he takes her.  If not, I sit there for an hour with my boys, watching a flurry of pink run around the narrow hallways with limited seating. 

At least soccer practice is outside with places for a four-year old boy to play.

So, Caleb keeps his IXL with him and entertains himself.  The first week, he was the popular guy.  A few other boys were there with nothing to do, so they all circled around him, watching his every move.  The following week, there were more game systems around.

This past week, the batteries died on his system right before practice.  He grabbed his Thomas computer (that he has pretty much mastered and knows what is going to happen) as a back-up.  When we got there, for the first time there were a few older boys waiting for their sisters to get done with practice.  In their hands, they all held game systems. 

After a few attempts at "Hey, can I play, too?" only to be ignored by the boys with their noses buried in their hands, he came over and sadly sat next to me.  I said, "Here's your Thomas computer."  He looked at it and said, "That's boring."

Really?  The computer game that you have played with forever and have loved is now boring?  Hmm.  Funny enough, once we were home and not comparing, he immediately picked up his Thomas computer and happily played it for awhile.

So, we are comparing at age four?  Terrific.

While on the subject, Abby did what every girl does at some point-compared herself to someone in a magazine.  Awesome.  She was looking at one of my Mary Kay catalogs (shameless plug here-let me know if you need to order anything!) and said, "Wow, she's pretty.  I wish I looked like her."

My heart sunk as the thing that I have dreaded for the future actually came to be much earlier than I expected.  I thought I had until at least junior high for such comparisons.  Instead, I have a gorgeous six-year old wishing she looked like someone else.

Being a parent is so not easy.

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